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Monthly Archives: November 2017


Biathlon season starts from Östersund

Biathlon World Cup starts on 26.11.2017 from Östersund. With Biathlon X5 you'll experience the heat of the competition. Live games are running throughout Östersund's world cup. Participate and experience the challenge of shooting all 5 spots while optimizing your skiing speed. If you are tough enough you will find yourself in ranking list of [...]

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New application versions

November has been busy month for us. We have been developing and publishing new versions for several applications. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vihtavuori Reload application Version number: 1.26 Google Play Store App Store Read more about Vihtavuori Reload ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kurt Thune Training application   Version number: 1.5.1 New version will bring support for IOS 11. App Store [...]

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