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  • Our company is developing SOFTWARE and WIRELESS solutions for PC, smart phones and tablets.Our Software solutions and Mobile applications are running in IOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

    We have produced solutions from highly sophisticated engineering applications to 2D/3D games and all between.

  • The company has been established December 2013 and is located in Salo, Finland.

Meet Our Team

Founders (Tapani Kiikeri and Ilkka Ratamo) of the company are having as total of 45 years of expertises in R&D for test and measurement systems and product marketing.

Tapani Kiikeri
Tapani KiikeriFounder, CEO, BScE
tapani.kiikeri (at) rightspot.fi

More than 22 years work experience from telecommunication industry.
Previously I’ve hold roles from specialist to many management positions in Nokia Oyj.
Deep knowledge from Virtual team management, software project management, test and measurement technology development, test engineering, process capability methods and tools, supplier manufacturing capability development

Mika Korpi
Mika KorpiTest System / Software designer
mika.s.korpi (at) rightspot.fi

34 years’ experience of production testing in Nokia Oyj (+ 2 years in Microsoft)
QT environment, using C++, C, JS, HTML, CSS, JQuery Mobile, and publishing with NSIS software. I have creating, JS, Express and SQL, software into Azure
I have designed, writing, update and debugging the mobile phone manufacturing test software, primarily in C#, C++ and C languages

Juha Korpela
Juha KorpelaTest System / Software designer
juha.korpela (at) rightspot.fi

28 years’ experience of production testing in Nokia Oyj (+ 2 years in Microsoft)
Good C/C++ and C# -programming
Base Band technology knowledge in areas of Energy Management, Camera and Audio. – RF technology knowledge in areas of GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN, BT and GPS.
Very good test stations knowledge (e.g. DCT4 FlAli/FinUi and Fafu, M10FlAli, M10Flash, Primus, Rafla, PanelFlash)

Ilkka Ratamo
Ilkka RatamoFounder