Biathlon is one of the most famous winter sports at TV. One world cup or World Championships TV broadcast has 10s of millions of spectators. So there is interest to sports but maybe less than 1% of fans can try Biathlon sport hands on.

Biathlon X5 is a smartphone application where you can test your skills on biathlon, shooting and skiing.

Shooting to falling targets, rifle loading, wind conditions, sights adjustments, skiing speed and even rifle zeroing in live competition is modelled. This is based to 10s of years of experience, of biathlon and sports shooting.

Tune your Biathlon gun with your own colours or take Head Start to Play Live competition. Check out Store.

Play Live

Competition will be open only for dedicated time. You will find information about next competition in Main Menu of application. Head Start option will be available just by pressing “Play Live” for you to run the race before the actual competition will be open for all to play.

Get into world ranking list! See you in competition!

Enjoy your new experience!

Training / competition modes and application features

  • In 0 wind condition -> Play Now / Simple Mode
  • In Changing wind conditions -> Play Now / Advanced Mode
  • Ski with default values -> Play Now / Simple Mode
  • Manage your Skiing tempo -> Play Now / Advanced Mode
  • Select opponents and see how they are doing in race
  • Join Live competition (next start visible in Main Menu)
  • You can access Biathlon World Cup calendar
  • You can access Biathlon Sites information (2 sites onboard at the moment)

Live Competitions

Next LIVE Competition info you will find from main view of the application

In coming season 2017-2018 we are running various Live competitions (sites, tracks and competition modes: with or without penalty loop)

You can use “Head start” option by clicking Play Live button anytime before actual competition starts! Get use to track profile and gun zeroing anytime!

Download Prochedures and application



Update to new version of BiathlonX5.

Compete in Nove Mesto  biathlon arena.

New Store feature: Play without advertisements.

Update now!

What customers are saying?

As a fan of shooting games, I’m really impressed by the level of realism in Biathlon X5




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