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We met with Kurt Thune back in 2013 and realized that we share common interest towards sport shooting but also common challenge – not enough time to spent at shooting range in order to keep up with top scores. So the idea for smart product application was born…..

The most important thing at sports shooting competition is to stay focused to aiming point. Kurt Thune Training is a tool to improve your concentration under pressure.  At a same time it helps you to understand the perfect sight picture in co-operated with right timing of your triggering finger.

Kurt Thune Training application is developed to dive into competition situation while not at shooting range. If you want to be a competitive sports shooter you need to have enough repetition and mental training as much as real shooting. With Kurt Thune Training you have meaningful mental exercises with low price.

Kurt Thune Training development is based on over 40 year experience of sports shooting.

Features That Makes it Worth!

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Multiple Sight options

Diopter, Post Pole, Open sight

Multiple Sight options

Diopter, Post Pole, Open sight

Both Rifle and Pistol are supported

Zoom in/out

Both sight and results view can be zoomed

Zoom in/out your sight view

Both sight and results view can freely be zoomed in/out to meet your preference.

This will help you to simulate your own pistol and/or rifle sight view. This makes the training as realistic as it can be.

Training mode

You can repeat the shots as many times you want

Training mode

In training mode you will repeat 10 shot series. Difficulty level will rise or lower depending on your scores.

You can also select fixed mode where the simulated sight movement is adjustable to speed that is close to your own.

Competition Mode

Two competition modes are included

Competition Mode

Competition 1: Sights are pre-adjusted to give 10.9 with perfect shot. You will shoot 5 x 10 shots competition.

Competition 2: Same as Competition 1 but sights are not pre-adjusted. There is no trial shots prior to competition start so you need to adjust those while shooting.

Ranking will be based on difficulty level that you have gained during competition together with last round score

Follow your progress

Follow your progress and compare to others

From results pages you can review your performance. You will also see 19 best users and their results and your ranking against them.

Practice makes masters. Take short training sessions everyday. Even 5 min a day will improve your scores both in application and in shooting range.


Save time and money

Save time and money

You can start your exercise in seconds no matter where you are.

You can shoot as many times as you want with minor cost

You can easily increase the number of shots to hundreds per day

We Make Your Training  Easier

Live Statistics with you

You will have an access to your own training and competition results but also see your ranking among other trainers.

There is statistics about 19 best results in Training, Competition 1 and Competition 2 results.

These are the top 19 performers world wide.

Easy to use 

All settings are having default values. You might want to customize few of these to fit into your puspose.

Follow-through time – this will define how long you should keep your trigger pulled after shot has been taken (this will force you to focus on clean shots)

Sight movement – you can define a fixed value for sight movement so that it emulates as close as possible your own experience


Easy to use interface. You’ll love it

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