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2203, 2021

New application version

March 22nd, 2021|


Vihtavuori Reload application

Version number: 1.51

Google Play Store

App Store

New features:


Reload tables: Swapped Bullet Mfg and Bullet type(name) columns

Added N555 to powder menu

New language variants: Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), Swedish

Push Notifications service

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109, 2020

New employee

September 1st, 2020|

Our team is getting stronger with a new expert.

Welcome Mikael.

Mikael strengthens our expertise as a producer of software solutions. Our software is increasingly associated also with equipment integrations.


2307, 2020

New application release

July 23rd, 2020|

New release (v1.49) for Vihtavuori Reload application was published 26th of June 2020

Features for both Android and iOS version are the same although there is now few operating system required specifics.

Google Play Store / Android
App Bundle support
App Bundle enables to deliver software releases that are optimized for each device configuration. This means your users enjoy a smaller app download without the unused code and resources needed for other devices.

App Store / iOS
Update to keep you up with latest software releases from Apple
Sign in with Apple
You can now create and log into your account with Apple credentials.

Please note that:
Although Apple offers an option not to share your email address while creating your account we strongly recommend to share it with Vihtavuori service. Sharing an email address will maintain you with an option to connect/link your accounts (using same email address) into one later on.

If you have already existing Vihtavuori account with same email address connected to your Apple ID you will be instructed to continue using that.
Google Play / Android version does not have an option available to Sign in with Apple.
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1306, 2019

New application release

June 13th, 2019|

New release for Vihtavuori Reload application was published 11th of June 2019

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See also Vihtavuori announcement about the new release


2903, 2019

New application release

March 29th, 2019|

Lapua Ballistics application

Version number: 1.0.46

The Lapua Ballistics app is now available in five different languages – English, German, Finnish, Norwegian and Polish!

New fancy features:

Get weather information with a click of a button in Sight-In parameters

Subsonic point is now visible in Trajectory table. (Speed of sound defined as temperature depended)

Spin drift setting: On/Off/Custom

Dark theme
All the views can be shown in dark mode.
Improves the usability in dark and low light conditions.

App Store
Google Play Store

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1907, 2018

New application releases

July 19th, 2018|


Vihtavuori Reload application

Version number: 1.30

The newest version of the Vihtavuori Reload is now available, featuring new capabilities and improvements as follows:

German language support
N565 powder in drop down list
Facebook login fix

Google Play Store

App Store

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Lapua Ballistics application


Version number: 1.0.38

The Lapua Ballistics app is now available in four different languages – English, German, Finnish and Norwegian!

App Store
Google Play Store

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506, 2018

Vihtavuori Reload

June 5th, 2018|

The Vihtavuori Reload app will be out of reach for users due to unforeseen technical changes and maintenance. This will be impacting all Vihtavuori Reload Mobile application users (Android and iOS) from June 1st 2018 and onwards, continuing for an estimate of some days until a new technical solution has been implemented.

During the downtime of the Vihtavuori Reload app, you can still keep using it while considering the following factors:

  • Existing users that have signed up into Vihtavuori Reload service will not be able to login to the user account in the appn (not via Facebook nor via email/password option)
  • The App can be used offline
  • Changes to recipes are currently not being synced to service (if you have selected this option in the application settings). Sync will take place once the service is up and running again.

New users installing the application:

  • The app can be used by selecting ‘Test without signing up’
  • Account creation and registration is not possible at the moment (not via Facebook, nor via email/password option)
  • The latest Reload data tables will not be available until service is up and running again

We apologize any inconvenience this is causing, and we will let app users know once the solution has been worked out and the Vihtavuori Reload app is fully accessible again.


Solution found and implemented for all other issues except Facebook login on 8th of June 2018

Solution implemented for Facebook login along with new application features by new release of Vihtavuori Reload 2nd of July 2018


1302, 2018

New application release

February 13th, 2018|

Biathlon X5 Pro application

To celebrate Winter Olympic Games 2018 we published special edition of our biathlon application.

Released 09.02.2018
Version number: 1.02

Google Play Store

App Store

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2912, 2017

400K installs reached

December 29th, 2017|

Today we are proud to announce that our software applications has reached over 400 000 downloads world wide.

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2411, 2017

Biathlon season starts from Östersund

November 24th, 2017|

Biathlon World Cup starts on 26.11.2017 from Östersund.

With Biathlon X5 you’ll experience the heat of the competition.

Live games are running throughout Östersund’s world cup. Participate and experience the challenge of shooting all 5 spots while optimizing your skiing speed. If you are tough enough you will find yourself in ranking list of Top 50 players world wide.

Main view in application guides you to next live race start and end time.

Download the app for Apple and Android phones and tables for free!


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